Floral “faith”.

On my “About” page, I wrote a little about why I chose the name that I did and why I love the floral analogy. I choose it really, because I simply love flowers, and the floral analogy fits the many facets of my life. The sweet scent of roses is almost heavenly to me, and certain scents can immediately transport me back to special moments with loved ones who have since passed on. One of my fondest childhood memories, is laying under my great-grandmother's gloriously blooming dogwood tree, inhaling the fragrances from all of her flowers and looking up at a blue, blue sky peering through the branches! She loved flowers, and I loved getting to go to her house and wandering through her roses! And to this day, roses are my favorite! I also remember, stern as she was, her occasionally pulling me up on her lap to read scripture and how it made her countenance change. That’s what hope does, you know - and the loss or dawning of it can totally transform us! And maybe that’s also why she loved flowers so?