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 Life is beautiful! And I love creating things that Celebrate life (whether it's celebrating family, everyday life or, our life-giving Creator. From traditional & digital art, and device wallpapers, to custom party decor, florals, and more - I love the creative process and hope to share that with you both through my creations and eventually tutorials and lessons! Art is special to me for two reasons, because it was something my father and I shared a love of, and because I believe our creativity is a reflection of our wonderfully creative heavenly Father! In fact, did you know that the first times it was recorded that someone was "filled with the Spirit of God", it was in regard to an artisan? It was for the purpose of creating beautiful things for the place that God would reside! And we can use our creativity make things beautiful too!


I chose the name floralfaith because it's a play on words - it's a combination of my first name and an idea that sharing our faith is like a sweet, floral fragrance permeating the air. I have always loved all things floral, and flowers are a special symbol to me. When I was a child, I loved playing near my great-grandmother's roses, in fact, it was probably the closest thing I could imagine to heaven. As I grew, I would draw roses over and over (and a variation of a horse with a rose behind its ear). My father also loved them, and in fact, was the one who taught me to draw my first rose. They are special because they are beautiful in their original form. Lovely to look at and sweet to stop and smell but, it's when they are pressed that their true essence is released, and a new purpose for their fragrance is revealed. So to me, they represent a faith that is stronger and more beautiful because it has been pressed. That pressing brings with it a new purpose, and spreads the fragrance of hope! This site & all it's offerings, are dedicated to that type of faith that spreads hope, and beauty like a beautiful fragrance, and to celebrating life! 

Check out any of my shops to find pieces to brighten and beautify your life and come back for weekly blog reflections. So glad you're here! May your faith be encouraged, strong, and floral!





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