My name is Faith Cornell, I'm an artist, bookworm from Zanesville, Ohio. My name, "floralfaith" was chosen because it sums up my life's philosophy, and it is a play on words (my name/a faith in the Creator. I love creating beautiful, inspirational things and I love helping people learn, so I wanted one place that I could share all of those things, as well as offer encouragement, and a place to shop pieces I've created that will hopefully beautify your life & encourage your faith! So, you'll find art pieces, florals, digital wallpapers, tees, custom party decor, gift items, and hopefully encouragement here. 


In the about section, you'll find out a little more about my philosophy, and in the coming months, more content will be added. My prayer is to be a blessing and encouragement in these difficult times. Thank you for visiting and may you be inspired and encouraged to have a floral type of faith!